Business Entity Designer Launcher


The "Business Entity Designer Launcher.exe" supports launching the Business Entity Designer with a specific .bedgm file by double clicking them in the Windows Explorer or from the Progress Developer Studio Project Explorer or related views. 

The launcher can be found in the Consultingwerk\BusinessEntityDesigner\Launcher\ subdirectory located in the Smart Component install directory.


The command line parameters (including the path to the correct version of OpenEdge client executable (prowin32.exe or prowin.exe), the ini file, pf files connecting the databases etc. need to be specified in the Business Entity Designer options on the "Launcher" tab. The launcher will use those command line parameters to start the Business Entity Designer with the right configuration. Without this setting the launcher will not be able to start the Business Entity Designer.

Please add the parameter -param open=%filename% like this

-param DebugMode,open=%filename%


-param open=%filename%

to the parameters. %filename% will be replaced with the name of the design to 

Business Entity Designer options:

Launcher tab.

Opening .bedgm files from Windows Explorer


Users can associate in the Windows Explorer the .bedgm file extension with the "Business Entity Designer Launcher.exe" process by using the "Open With" context menu option on a .bedgm file in Windows Explorer. In Windows 10 go to Home tab and Pick an application. After doing this the Windows Explorer (and other programs) will open .bedgm files with the launcher process.

Opening .bedgm files from Progress Developer Studio


Developers can alternatively use the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge preferences under General -> Editors -> File Associations to register the Launcher as a custom editor in the IDE.

Add File type *.bedgm.


Then add an Assiociated editor, browse for the Business Entity Designer Launcher.exe. 



How does it work


The settings made in Business Entity Designer options on the "Launcher" tab will be saved in the ".BusinessEntityDesignerSettings.xml" file in the startup directory of the Designer.

The launcher process will look for a closest file called ".BusinessEntityDesignerSettings.xml" in any parent folder of the .bedgm file that you are trying to open. When a settings file was found, the folder containing the settings file will be used as the startup folder for the Business Entity Designer that opens the selected .bedgm file.