Announcing the Consultingwerk ESD

The Consultingwerk ESD (Electronic Software Download) is now ready for general availability to customers. The ESD site allows customers to download new releases of our software products and is tightly integrated into our build process, allowing us much shorter release cycles of our products, including weekly snapshot releases. 

Currently releases for the SmartComponent Library and the WinKit are available on the site. Releases for Dynamics4.NET and the Business Entity Designer will follow soon. 

Customer can request a login by signing up at: using the „Create Account“ button at the top of the side. 

The site allows simple navigation from the products that a customer has under maintenance to the releases under this release to the list of files in this release. 

For the SmartComponent Library or SmartComponent Library weekly product a series of files is offered: 

File Name 



A list of commits to our source code that contributed to the release 


The complete download of the SmartComponent Library, including Assemblies, HTML Documentation and the SmartDB dump 


The .NET Assemblies required for this build including the assemblies.xml file 


The HTML Documentation for the classes contained in the build, as available on  


A complete dump of the SmartDB Framework Database (.df and .d files) 


The upgrade version of the SmartComponent Library, excluding .NET Assemblies, excluding the products.i configuration file, excluding the HTML documentation, including the SmartDB 


The upgrade version of the SmartComponent Library, excluding .NET Assemblies, excluding the products.i configuration file, including the HTML documentation, including the SmartDB 


The current version of the products.i file for your reference. You may merge changes with your local copy of Consultingwerk\products.i 


The <oeversion> currently is either 11.3 or 10.2B. The 11.3 release should be used for OpenEdge 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3. The 10.2B release is suited for OpenEdge 10.2B, Service Pack 5 and up. 

The <build> represents our build number, which represents the last commit of source code to this release. 


The upgrade builds do not include the products.i configuration file. This is to keep your local changes to the products.i file when we update this file. 


We expect that most of our customers will be using the SmartComponentLibrary<oeversion>_<build> as a download. 


When downloading one of the versions that includes the HTML documentation, we recommend that you remove the Documentation folder from your Progress Developer Studio or OpenEdge Architect product: The tool might otherwise attempt to compile all .html files as Web Speed source which causes unnecessary delays. Progress Developers Studio 11.3 however allows you to mark this folder for “Excluded from Build” and “Exclude from Tooling” which might make it possible to keep the documentation with the source code. 


Please contact us at if you have questions regarding the Consultingwerk ESD or if you might require an additional product configuration available on the ESD site. 


The Adapter that allows accessing Progress Rollbase application data is currently in prototyping stage. As such it’s not included in the releases but can be made available to customers on request. 


We’d also like to point to two other web resources available: 

The Documentation Wiki has moved during the passing year. It is now available at:  

The automatically generated class reference is available here:  


The whole team from Consultingwerk wishes our customers a merry Christmas and a great start into 2014! 


With kind regards, 

the Consultingwerk Team.