Add DebugListing as Menu and Toolbar entry in the OpenEdge Architect

Consultingwerk provides a routine to open the selected file in OpenEdge Architect as a debug-listing in an Eclipse ABL Editor.

Using the OpenEdge Architect Customization Editor (select OpenEdge -> Tools -> Customization Editor) from the OpenEdge Architect main menu:

Then create a new Menu / Toolbar Entry like shown above with the following settings:

NameDebug Listing
Program nameConsultingwerk/Studio/DebugList/debug-list.p
Configuration<leave empty>
Send file name of the current selectionchecked
Action appearanceShow on menu and toolbar
Run persistentnot checked

To activate the changes in the OpenEdge Architect it is nessesary to refresh the customization options for the OpenEdge Architect by pressing the button "Refresh Customization Options" on the top right of the Customization Editor.