Generic Service Interface for JSDO with Kendo UI dialect

The SmartComponent Library does provide a generic service interface for JSDO ( based clients with specific support for the Kendo UI dialect of the JSDO.

One of the key benefits of using the generic service interface for the JSDO is that there is not requirement for building an interface class per Business Entity which would be required to be added to the mobile service in an OpenEdge Mobile style project in Progress Developer Studio. With the generic service interface it is only required to add a single interface class and a single catalog class with specific URL mappings to the service definition in a REST style project in Progress Developer Studio. Using an URL mapping which is compatible with the format of URLs which are provided by the JSDO client library this single service interface class can be used to route calls to any business entity. 

The generic service consists of two class filter. The class files may have to be added to the AppServer folder in a REST project. These two procedures are:

Class NamePurpose
Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.CatalogGeneric JSDO Catalog generation routine
Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.ServiceGeneric JSDO service interface class (resource provider)

These classes needed to be added to the REST service in the following way:

Catalog access

Resource URI/Catalog/{EntityName}

Input Parameter Mapping

Output Parameter Mapping

Resource Count

The resource count method allows the JSDO to request the number of records returned by a paging query result set.

Resource URL/Resource/{EntityName}/count?filter={filter}

Input Parameter Mapping

Output Parameter Mapping

Resource Access

Resource URI




The Query String parameters numRecords and stopAfter are not used by the JSDO but can optionally be used when requesting JSON data from alternative Controls that do not work with the JSDO (like the Kendo Pivot Grid)


Input Parameter Mapping GET

Output Parameter Mapping GET

Input Parameter Mapping PUT, POST, DELETE

Output Parameter Mapping PUT, POST, DELETE

Submit Operation

The Generic Service supports the submit operations of the JSDO.

Resource URL/Resource/{EntityName}/SubmitData

Input Parameter Mapping

Output Parameter Mapping

Invoke Methods

The Invoke Method API allows to call into the ServiceInterface:InvokeMethod.

Resource URL/Resource/{EntityName}/{MethodName}

Input Parameter Mapping

Output Parameter Mapping

Setting up the base service URL

During the generation of the JSON Catalog responses the Catalog class does use the values RestServiceName and RestServiceAddress to return the endpoint configuration to the JSDO. Those values are determined by the current IConfigurationProvider service instance. When not IConfigurationProvider service instance is currently available, the Catalog class initializes an IConfigurationProvider from the .restapplicationsettings file.


"RestServiceName": "SmartJsdoBackendService",
"RestServiceAddress": "\/rest\/SmartJsdoBackendService\/Resource"

Sample Data Source Configuration for the JSDO

        try {
            var serviceURI = "http://localhost:8980/SmartJsdoBackendService",
                jsdoSettings = {
                    serviceURI: serviceURI,
                    catalogURIs: serviceURI + "/rest/SmartJsdoBackendService/Catalog/Consultingwerk.SmartComponentsDemo.OERA.Sports2000.CustomerBusinessEntity"
            // create a new session object
            jsdosession = new;
            promise = jsdosession.login("", "");
            promise.done(function(jsdosession, result, info){
                    .done(function(jsdosession, result, details){
						dataSource = new {
						                    type: "jsdo",
											serverPaging: true,
											serverFiltering: true,
											filter: { field: "Country", operator: "eq", value: "USA" },
											serverSorting: true,
											sort: { field: "State", dir: "desc" },
                                            pageSize: 10,
						                    transport: {
						                        jsdo: "Consultingwerk.SmartComponentsDemo.OERA.Sports2000.CustomerBusinessEntity",
						                        tableRef: "eCustomer",
                                                countFnName: "count"
						                    error: function(e) {
						                        console.log ('Error: ', e); 
                    .fail(function(jsdosession, result, details){
                        alert("Error while executing addCatalog().");
  , result, info){
                alert("Error while executing login().");      
        catch (e) {
            alert("Error instantiating objects: " + e);