Use the AppServer for accessing Business Entities from within the Visual Designer

In certain situations or project layouts it may be desirable to use an AppServer for accessing Business Entities from within the Visual Designer.

This will allow for a project configuration in the Progress Developer Studio without the need to connect to any databases (if you decide that Business Entities may access the DB directly) and without the need to make the Business Entities accessible in the PROPATH of the Visual Designer session.

To achieve this configuration, developers need to create a file called _idestartup.p in the root folder of the Visual Designer project. The Progress Developer Studio will execute this procedure whenever the project AVM is started. This procedure can be used to initialize the project AVM in various ways.

Below is a code sample that outlines how to setup the project AVM to use an AppServer for interfacing with the OERA backend at design time.


_idestartup.p sample code
Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Support.BusinessEntityDesignerSupport:SearchBusinessEntititiesOnAppServer = TRUE . 

Consultingwerk.Framework.FrameworkSettings:AppServerServiceManager = NEW AppServerServiceManager () .

CAST (Consultingwerk.Framework.FrameworkSettings:AppServerServiceManager, 
     AppServerServiceManager):DefaultPartition = cDefaultPartition .


cDefaultPartitioln is a CHARACTER variable that should contain the name of the AppServer partition (defined in appsrvtt.d) to use from within the Visual Designer tooling.


See also: Managing AppServer Connections