Using the SmartComponent Library Desktop

The SmartComponent Library Desktop is a launcher Application for various tools of the SmartComponent Library framework. The Desktop application will make it easier for us to roll out "shortcuts" to launching new tools or resources to our customers. Customers will only need to create a single desktop shortcut to the "SmartComponent Library Desktop" and we can deploy additional items to this desktop.

SmartComponent Library Desktop

Sample items in the Desktop



The Desktop will be configured using an XML file based on Consultingwerk/Studio/Desktop/ttDesktopItems.i. The default item definitions are stored in Consultingwerk/Studio/Desktop/items.xml 

Alternatively items can be configured by using the -icfparam startup parameter and pointing to a different XML file.

Sample Shortcut properties for the SmartComponent Library Desktop:

SettingSample ValueNotes
Target:C:\Progress\OpenEdge115_64\bin\prowin.exe -basekey ini -ininame ini\progress.ini -pf ini\desktop.pfAdjust to your Progress Installation Folder, progress.ini location and .pf file
Start in:c:\work\SmartComponents4NET\115_64\ABLAdjust to your main development code folder (typically the backend project used to generate Business Entities to)I
Icon:%SystemDrive%\Work\SmartComponents4NET\115_64\ABL\Consultingwerk\Windows\Icons\Desktop.icoAdjust to the path within your SmartComponent Library folder


When starting OpenEdge based tools from the Desktop (such as the Business Entity Designer or Tester) a new OpenEdge session (AVM) is launched and the startup parameters to the Desktop application are passed to the new instance. So in this sample the desktop.ini file centrally defines the startup parameters for all tools. Only the -p parameter is modified by the configuration of the too to start.

Sample file
-assemblies Assemblies
-param DebugMode
-db C:\Work\SmartComponents4NET\115_64\DB\Sports2000\sports2000.db
-db C:\Work\SmartComponents4NET\115_64\DB\icfdb\icfdb.db
-db C:\Work\SmartComponents4NET\115_64\DB\SmartDB\SmartDB.db
-inp 32000
-tok 4000
-T c:\Work\OpenEdge115
-D 500
-s 200 
-mmax 65534
-p Consultingwerk\Studio\Desktop\start.p
-IOEverywhere 1

UltraWinCarousel dependency

As the Desktop is based on the UltraCarousel control which is only available form OpenEdge 11.5 on, we do not support the Desktop on earlier versions of OpenEdge.

Our sample .NET assemblies package and assemblies.xml do currently not contain the assembly or a reference to this. Customers on OpenEdge 11.5 will find a version to this assembly in their "%DLC%\bin\infragistics\winforms" folder or in the Infragistics install folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\Infragistics\2014.2\Windows Forms".

Assembly versions

See OpenEdge Ultra Controls versions and Assembly References for more.

Assembly NameInfragistics4.Win.UltraWinCarousel.v14.2.dll
OpenEdge 11.514.2.20142.2010