Using the Consultingwerk IDE Templates

Download Template Files:

Consultingwerk has developed a set of customized templates that simplify writing source code in OpenEdge Architect in conformance with our coding and layout standards.

The templates are developed in the form of JET templates for Eclipse. To use the templates, reference the folder that contains the compiled JET templates (.class files) in the OpenEdge Architect preferences:

OpenEdge Architect 11.1

The actual template files (.class files) are contained in a sub folder de\consultingwerk\ide\templates:

Using the OpenEdge Architect Customization Editor (select OpenEdge -> Tools -> Customization Editor from the OpenEdge Architect main menu enter the following Template Overrides 

TemplateTemplate file
Class Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomClassTemplate
Interface Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomInterfaceTemplate
Method Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomMethodTemplate
Property Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomPropertyTemplate
Constructor Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomConstructorTemplate
Destructor Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomDestructorTemplate
Custom Procedure Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomProcedure
Custom Include Templatede.consultingwerk.ide.templates.CustomInclude

After configuring the different template overrides it is nessesary to refresh the customization options for the OpenEdge Architect by pressing the button "Refresh Customization Options" on the top right of the Customization Editor. 

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