Defining a new form and add it to the menu structure

To add a new Form to the Menu you first need to define a new function (form) in the Function Maintenance Form using the following options:
OptionValue / Description

Displayed as the Menu entry

Small Image / Large Image

Shown in the Menu or Toolbar/Ribbon

ModuleSelect a predefined Module
DescriptionIf needed
Character Parameter ValueIf needed
Class NameFull qualified class name of the form without extension (you may drag and drop a Form class file from the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge resources view or the Windows Explorer)
Form Start TypeSelect from list
Allow MultipleAllow multiple instances of the form
Use Character Parameter ValueActivate if needed

To add a function to a menu structure you can drag drop it from the Function Maintenance to the Menu Maintenance screen. Start the drag operation within the row selector of the Function Maintenance browser and drop it anywhere inside of the Menu Structure tree.

After dropping the Function to the Menu Maintenance the new record is shown and enabled for update. As you can see the Name and Images are copied from the Function definitions and the Structure Type “ITEM” is preselected. If you want to start a new group with this entry you can toggle the checkbox “Begin a Group” (when the menu structure will be rendered as a toolbar “the begin a group” option causes the menu item to be preceded with a separator).