Smart Tree View

The Smart Tree View displays data in a hierarchical manner. It provides easy access to CRUD operations by means of context menu and detail forms, which can be used with any combination of HTML templates and Smart Controllers. The size of the actual tree view and the detail form may be adjusted according to your needs by means of a split pane. The Smart Tree View will also react to changes inside a detail form. For example, if a detail form's Smart Data Source is in update mode, the tree view will be disabled, much like the Smart Grid.



The root-node-type attribute represents the Smart Tree Node that should be used as the root.

The max-height attribute is optional and is used for setting a maximum height of the tree view (not including the detail form), in pixels. If the tree view's height reaches or surpasses that value, a scroll bar will be shown. If left unset, the tree view will increase in height as much as necessary, without introducing a scroll bar at any point.

The smart-pane-visibility attribute represents a comma separated list of screen sizes in which the split pane should be visible. Possible values are the same as bootstrap conventions:

  • xs (extra small)
  • sm (small)
  • md (medium)
  • lg (large)

If the smart-pane-visibility attribute is not set, it will default to "md,lg".