Smart Combo Editor

Sample Markup

<!-- With Smart Value Lists -->
<smart-combo-editor smart-value-list="Demo-Color" [(smartModel)]="selected.Color"></smart-combo-editor>
<!-- Smart Data Source style -->
    [smart-field-binding]="{ RepName: 'RepName' }" 


smart-value-listThe name of the Smart Value List to get values from.
value-list-pairAn array containing pairs of elements to display and their values. Example: ["A", "1", "B", "2"] will produce a combo editor with two items, A and B. When A is selected, the value that will be set is 1.
value-listAn array of elements to display. When using this settings, the values will match the displayed text. Example: ["A","B"] will produce a combo editor with two items. When A is selected, the value that will be set is A.
smart-business-entity-nameThe business entity that the Smart Combo Editor's Smart Data Source will use.
smart-entity-tableThe business entity table to be used as a table-ref by the Smart Combo Editor's internal data source.
display-column-nameThe name of the column that the Smart Combo Editor will use to display records.
key-column-nameThe the name of the field that the Smart Combo Editor will use to update the smartModel value when the user selects an item.
[(smartModel)]Used for two-way data binding for the Smart Combo Editor. Use just as you would use the native ngModel attribute.
smart-field-bindingUsed to bind additional fields to from the Combo Editor's internal data source to an external object.

The flag is an additional item which will be prepended before the items in the value-list value-list-pair smart-value-list array.

The flag-value can be anything, for instance it can be "All" or "Please select a SalesRep".

smart-flag-labelThe text which will be displayed for the flag item. This is requested in case of using value-list-pair.
smart-flag-imageThe path for the image of the flag item. This is requested in case of using smart-value-list.
smart-foreign-fieldsThis setting can be used together with the queryString option, in order to filter the data source for a data-driven Smart Combo Editor. There can be multiple foreignFields, divided by commas (Example: "Name,SalesRep").

This option is used to filter the data-driven Smart Combo Editor's data source.

It can be used as a simple query, or together with the foreignFields option, like in the example below:

  • foreignField: "Name",
  • queryString: "for each eCustomer where eCustomer.Name = @Name@"

where @Name@ will be replaced by the foreign field value in the Smart Viewer.

provide-foreign-field-valueThe name of a callback method implemented in the form, that can be used to modify the value of a given foreignField. It takes as an input parameter a ProvideForeignFieldValue instance. The value property should be altered directly on the input parameter.
smart-combo-allow-filterEnables/disables filtering in the Smart Combo Editor input. The default value is true.