Static Names Generator


The Service Interface of the SmartComponent Library is a central component for accessing Business Entities and Business Tasks on the backend. To be accessible from remote clients, the name of the Business Entity or Task to be invoked is passed as a character variable. So when invoking services through the Service Interface, developers will need to pay attention to avoid typing mistakes on the Business Entity or Task name. 

Consultingwerk.OERA.ServiceInterface:FetchDataset ("Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Authentication.UserBusinessEntity":U, 
                                                  OUTPUT DATASET-HANDLE hDataset) .

Using static names for classes

The Static Names Generator allows developers to generate classes which contain character constants that return the class name in exact spelling. The resulting code for a Business Entity in the Consultingwerk.SmartFramework package will look like this:

Consultingwerk.OERA.ServiceInterface:FetchDataset (SmartFrameworkServices:Authentication:UserBusinessEntity,
                                                   OUTPUT DATASET-HANDLE hDataset) .

Generating static names for classes

The static name generator is started from a Windows batch file in the package (including all sub-packages) for which you want to generate the static names:

cd c:\Work_LOCAL\SmartComponents4NET\117_64\ABL\Consultingwerk\SmartFramework
..\Studio\StaticNamesGenerator\scl-sng Consultingwerk.OERA.IBusinessService Services

The scl-sng utility is located in the Consultingwerk\Studio\StaticNamesGenerator package.

The first argument names the class or interface which implementations or derived types should be included in the static names generation. The IBusinessService interface will include all Business Entities and Tasks. The second argument "Services" is the name suffix which will be appended to the generated package name to build the class name of the class containing the static names.