Keeping Swagger UI up-to-date

Swagger UI is occasionally updated to fix bugs or add compatibility with newer versions of the OpenAPI spec. The project is available on GitHub at .

The SmartComponent Library uses a local version of swagger-ui. This version can be kept up-to-date by downloading the project, building it using the npm tool, and replacing files in the PASOE webapp’s static/swagger folder with updated versions.

To update swagger-ui,

  1. Clone or download the latest version of the swagger-ui repository. This can be done from the GitHub website, or your choice of Git client.

  2. Run npm run build from the command-line in the project’s root folder. This requires npm to be installed (see for instructions on installing npm). You may need to run npm install first, to resolve the project’s dependencies.

  3. A successful build will create a dist/ folder in the project. Compare the contents of the <project>/dist/ folder to the <instance>/webapps/<webapp>/static/swagger folder, and copy any changed files into the instance.

  4. Restart the instance.