JSDO Count methods for Kendo UI Builder

Starting the JSDO 4.3 (Kendo UI Builder 1.0) the count method of a Business Entity resource should be of the type "count" and not "invoke" in the Catalog.

operations: [
        name: "count",
        path: "/count?filter={filter}",
        useBeforeImage: false,
        type: "count",
        verb: "put",
        params: [ ]

Unfortunately the JSDO 4.2 will not be able to import sich a catalog and throws an exception. 

For this purpose we have added a new configuration option to the .restapplicationsettings file:

"RestServiceName": "web",
"RestServiceAddress": "\/Resource",
"CountFunctionJsonCatalogType": "count",

The value of the "CountFunctionJsonCatalogType" provides the type of the count method (invoke or count). When not specified, the type of invoke is returned to remain compatible with previous JSDO versions.