DebugMode setting


To send an complete error message for asking for support, you need to add screenshots of the error dialogue and the stack trace, so that the error can be reproduced more quickly and support can be provided. 

With the new Debug Mode setting the error message dialog will always show the stack trace without the need to push the button on the bottom left of the dialog when the static property. 


If the  


is set to true. This can be set in code (a UI functionality) or be activated by starting the Progress client with  

-param DebugMode

Release Info 

On 5 April 2014 we released the new DebugMode setting.  

The changes.txt mentions it like this: 

Change 30218 on 2014/03/29 by mikefe@Consultingwerk7 

FrameworkSettings:DebugMode now defaults to TRUE when running from the Progress Developer Studio 

You may also use the static property to control your own output only relevant to developers.