Consultingwerk/products.i missing


The Database migration tool fails after updating an old SmartComponent Library Version to the new Release 11.3 #55072@2019-10-28 


Compilation errors caused by missing products.i file.  


The upgrade archives published from the Consultingwerk ESD website do not contain the products.i file (in the Consultingwerk folder). The products.i file contains site specific framework configuration options. As we do not want to overwrite those settings, we are not shipping a new version of the products.i file in the upgrade archives. 

Customers are recommended to keep their existing Consultingwerk\products.i file when upgrading the SmartComponent Library framework.  

We are shipping the reference version of the file under the name Consultingwerk\products.i.template. Customers are recommended to compare the contents of this file to the local products.i file when upgrading to make sure new settings are included in the local version of the products.i file.