Ensure correct error handling, when GUI client application looses the AppServer connection.


When the AppServer connection is lost (AppServer shut down, died or network connection lost) while executing a SmartComponent Library GUI client application, the following dialog will be shown:

The "Exit" button will close the client application.

The "Ignore" button will attempt to continue in the application - while it's expected to receive follow up issues.

When the user chooses to reconnect, the framework will attempt to reconnect to the AppServer. When this fails, we expect to see the following error message:

However, when the PROPATH is configured so that the Progress default version of the adecomm/as-utils.w library is used, the sequence of the following messages is shown due to poor error handling inside the Progress version of the library:

After the sixth (!!!) error message, we are returned to the initial dialog prompting to reconnect or exit the application.


Ensure that your PROPATH is setup in a way, that our adecomm/as-utils.w (or adecomm/as-utils.r) is found prior to the Progress version (typically present in the adecomm.pl Procedure library).

Clarifying information

We are using the adecomm/as-utils.w as our default method of maintaining the AppServer connection. However we have customized this library to improve the error handling.