Common Component Specification (CCS)

The SmartComponent Library Framework implements the following specifications published by the Common Component Specification Project.

All distributions of the SmartComponent Library framework include the Interfaces provided as implementation requirements for the following CCS specification documents.

Implemented Specifications

OpenEdge Application Architecture Specification (OEAA)


Service Manager Specification (SSS)


The Consultingwerk.Framework.CcsServiceManager implements the Ccs.Common.IServiceManager Interface. The implementation extends the Consultingwerk.Framework.ServiceContainer implementation and forwards requests to the Consultingwerk.OERA.ServiceManager for IBusinessService Implementations. 

Session Manager Specification (SSS)


Startup Manager Specification (SSS)


The Consultingwerk.Framework.Server.AppServerStartupManager implements the Ccs.Common.IStartupManager Interface.

Business Entity Specification (CCSBE)


The Consultingwerk.OERA.BusinessEntity implements the Ccs.BusinessEntity.IBusinessEntity and IUpdatableBusinessEntity interfaces. 

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