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Please note: We are no longer providing updates though download from the Website New updates are exclusively distributed using the Consultingwerk ESD.

Perforce Change (Customer Branch)


OpenEdge Release



21370 / 13.06.2012 16:57:00

Major new functionality, see Release Note 24

10.2B06 or recommended, 10.2B03, 10.2B04, 10.2B05, 10.2B06


19673 / 27.12.2011 17:10:05

Major new functionality, see Release Note 23

10.2B05 recommended, 10.2B03, 10.2B04, 10.2B05


18872 / 03.10.2011 16:06:02

Major new functionality, see Release Note 22

10.2B04 recommended, 10.2B03, 10.2B04, 10.2B05


18246 / 24.07.2011 11:09:44

Major new functionality, see Release Note 19Release Note 20Release Note 21

10.2B03 recommended, 10.2B04


17433 / 17.04.2011 19:44:19

Major new functionality, see Release Note 16

10.2B03 recommended, 10.2B04


16471 / 09.01.2011 01:31:02

Major new functionality, see Release Note 13

10.2B02 recommended / 10.2B01, 10.2B03


14492 / 17.08.2010 11:52:29

Major new functionality, see Release Note 12



13594 / 11.06.2010 15:31:41

Introduction of DatasetController and Designer Verbs, hidden / non-browsable properties, see Release Note 11 and Dataset Controller tutorial for details.10.2B01

(Service Pack 1 recommended)


13364 / 08.05.2010 12:23:14

SmartComponent Library released for OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 1, see Release Note 10 for details.

10.2B01 (Service Pack 1 optional, not required)


11850 / 21.12.2009 12:11:50

Major modifications to the ticEnterpriseAdapter class

10.2A02 (Service Pack 2 required)


10760 / 06.09.2009 15:36:34

Updated assembly references to reflect hotfix of UltraControls in 10.2A service pack 2

10.2A02 (Service Pack 2 required)


10584 / 24.08.2009 10:43:49


10.2A01 (Service Pack 1 required)

Download Customer Explorer Demo Application


The sample application, should be loaded into a separate project or workspace. Don't mix this with your productive development environment. The sample application is a self-contained project, the required version of the SmartComponent Library is included in the shipment. The SmartComponent Library contained in the demo releases is typically released on customer request for educational purposes.  

Starting the demo application release of April 17 2011 you will need to setup a customized version of the sports2000 demo database. The .df and .d files can be downloaded here. Please make sure, to create the database with the contained file.  

To compile the sample application, you will have to connect the sports2000 database (starting the April 17 2011 release the customized version) and use the following project AVM startup parameter:  

 -assemblies Assemblies   

and the following directories on the PROPATH:  


To start the application, run the following procedure:  


When using OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 2 or higher we highly recommend the usage of the currently undocumented startup parameter -IOEverywhere 1 when running the demo application.  

The sample application is not officially supported by Consultingwerk, however when you have questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact us!