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SCL-3074 Fixed duplicate JSON output in OpenEdge 11.7.6 PASOE REST


We have resolved an issue that was causing all JSON and binary output returned by our PASOE web handlers to be returned twice to the caller. For JSON output this did inevitably result in invalid JSON syntax.
The issuse seems related to - although we have been able to resolve this issue by removing a workaround for an issue with PASOE web handlers in OpenEdge 11.6.3.

SCL-3086 BusinessEntityGenerator's RaiseWriteFileEvent Method did not raise an event


We have resolved an issue in the BusinessEntityGenerator causing that the RaiseWriteFileEvent method did not raise an event.


SCL-3066 Support SmartMessages based on HTML-templates


We have added a new field called MessageTemplate to the SmartMessage table. This field is used by the partner framework AKIOMA and allows support for free formatted error messages.
The field is also returned by the SmartMessage web handler / end point.

SCL-3073 Added two methods to the UltraToolbarsHelper


We have added two new methods to the UltraToolbarsHelper class
Those methods have been adopted from a customized version of the WinKit to support that customer using a standard release of the SmartComponent Library.

SCL-3075 SmartUnit now optionallys writes names of failed unit tests to stdout


The SmartUnit:WriteTestResult method now supports writing failed test results using the MESSAGE statement to the standard output (typically the OS or Jenkins console).
This simplifies inspecting the failed test results from the build output.
The new feature is triggered a true or false (default) value in the new logFailedTests parameter passed to the runtest.p procedure.

Code Block

<!-- SmartUnit Macro Definition -->    
<macrodef name="SmartUnit">
    <attribute name="testSuite" default=""/>
    <attribute name="baseDirectory" default=""/>
    <attribute name="tests" default=""/>
    <attribute name="output" default=""/>
    <attribute name="testrunner" default=""/>
    <attribute name="services" default=""/>
    <attribute name="haltOnError" default="false"/>
    <attribute name="forceXmlXref" default="false"/>  
    <attribute name="importClientLog" default="true"/>
    <attribute name="importStdOut" default="true"/>

    <element name="options" optional="true" />

        <PCTRun procedure="Consultingwerk/SmartUnit/runtest.p" 
            graphicalMode="true" dlcHome="${dlc}" cpinternal="iso8859-1" cpstream="iso8859-1"
            compileUnderscore="true" inputchars="200000" assemblies="../ABL/Assemblies"
            iniFile="../ABL/ini/progress.ini" token="10000" dirSize="500000" stackSize="500000" 

            <Profiler enabled="true" outputDir="profiler" coverage="true" />


            <Parameter name="TestSuite" value="@{testSuite}"/>
            <Parameter name="BaseDirectory" value="@{baseDirectory}"/>
            <Parameter name="Tests" value="@{tests}"/>
            <Parameter name="Output" value="@{output}"/>
            <Parameter name="TestRunner" value="@{testrunner}"/>
            <Parameter name="HaltOnError" value="@{haltOnError}"/>
            <Parameter name="ForceXmlXref" value="@{forceXmlXref}"/>
            <Parameter name="Services" value="@{services}"/>
            <Parameter name="logFailedTests" value="true"/>


SCL-3076 Removed SmartFramework/Lock and SmartFramework/Workflow from deployment packages without SmartFramework


We have removed the SmartFramework/Lock and SmartFramework/Workflow packages from those deployments that do not use the SmartFramework. Those packages are not supposed to be compiling in those deployments as the required SmartDB tables are excluded.

SCL-3080 scl-sng (Static Names Generator) now only changes file for non comment changes


The Static Names Generator utility ( ) has been improved so that it only writes modified files when those contain further changes than just the time stamp in the file header comment. This will typically lead to fewer versions of the static name classes simplifying versioning and branching.

New Feature

SCL-3036 Added database table for Workflow instances


To support default workflows with the status maintained in the SmartDB and not just on a status field in an application database table, we have added a new table to support this.

SCL-3068 Implemented copy routine for security allocations


We have added a new feature to the User Maintenane form. This feature allows to copy authorization settings from one user to another.
Image Modified
In the followingdialog, the user can select the source user to copy from and decide if the security assignment on the user and/or the group membership should be copied. Optionally existing data (security assignment and/or group membership based on the previous selection) will be removed.
Image Modified

SCL-3069 Allowing a user group to inherit from multiple user groups


We have implemented a new optional method for user group inheritance. This new feature allows a user group to inherit from more than a single user group. Previously a user group had a single fixed parent user group.
To support this feature a new database table SmartParentGroup has been introduced.
Enabling the feature
The new group inheritance feature needs to be enabled in products.i:

Code Block

&IF 1=0 &THEN
/* Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd. 05.08.2016
   SCL-3069: Allow a user group to inherit from multiple user groups
             To enable support for multiple group inheritance, set the following preprocessor
             to multiple. Reminder: When enabling this, don't forget to migrate existing
             Group inheritance from SmartGroup.ParentGroupGuid to records in the SmartParentGroup
             table. Supported values: single (default) and multiple */
&GLOBAL-DEFINE SmartGroupInheritance multiple

Once this feature is enabled and the application has been recompiled, the Parent Group lookup in the Group Maintenance form will remain disabled. And the Parent Groups tab in that same form will be enabled.
It is mandatory, that for the session maintaining the group inheritance and the application session (PASOE backend) used to execute the application the same setting is used.
Data conversion
When the existing parent group's are still required after switching to multiple group inheritance, it's required to migrate the parent group information from the SmartGroup database table to the SmartParentGroup table.


following program can be used for this:

Code Block

    File        : convert-parent-groups.p
    Purpose     : Converts parent groups from SmartGroup to SmartParentGroup

/* ***************************  Definitions  ************************** */



/* ***************************  Main Block  *************************** */

&IF "{&SmartGroupInheritance}" NE "multiple" &THEN
MESSAGE "This routine should only be executed when using the" SKIP
        "multiple group inheritance feature (SCL-3069)!"

    FOR EACH SmartGroup WHERE SmartGroup.ParentGroupGuid > "":U

        IF NOT CAN-FIND (SmartParentGroup WHERE SmartParentGroup.GroupGuid          = SmartGroup.GroupGuid
                                            AND SmartParentGroup.ParentingGroupGuid = SmartGroup.ParentGroupGuid) THEN DO:

            DISPLAY SmartGroup.GroupName WITH DOWN .

            CREATE SmartParentGroup .
            ASSIGN SmartParentGroup.GroupGuid          = SmartGroup.GroupGuid
                   SmartParentGroup.ParentingGroupGuid = SmartGroup.ParentGroupGuid .

        ASSIGN SmartGroup.ParentGroupGuid = "":U .

    /* Uncommend for test run
    MESSAGE "Undo"
    UNDO .

Attachment: convert-parent-groups.p

SCL-3071 Added new DataTypeHelper:IsDigit() method


We have added a new method IsDigit() to the DataTypeHelper. This method returns true, when the passed in string is a single character representing a digit.