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  • language-picker-popup (on the div.k-popup element in kendo-popup)

  • language-label (on the selected language name)

  • language-option-label (on the names of the language options)




When there are floating windows with pending updates and the user closes then with

  • using the X on the floating window title

  • using the X in the Window menu

  • any other known method

we now prompt the user with a dialog like this here:



  • Ignore the Kill Session, Copy and Stacktrace buttons

  • Yes (Ja): Will save changes and close the window when there have not been validation errors

  • No (Nein): Will close the window without saving (current behavior)

  • Cancel (Abbrechen): Will not close the Window

SCLNG-358 Font Awesome support for menu images


We now support Font Awesome Images for menu structures.

SCLNG-341 New "before delete" hook in Smart Data Source


We have implemented a new hook for the Smart Data Source that can be used to perform certain operations before a record is deleted. The event raised is also cancellable.