Release Notes 10.1.000

Version Information

Version Information

Version Information

Release 10.1.000


Bootstrap 4 Upgrade

This release is based on Bootstrap 4.

See for details on this mandatory step to perform the update on existing projects that still are based on Bootstrap 3.


System requirements

An overview of required dependencies and version can be obtained at


Overview of included tickets

Bug Fixes

SCLNG-381 Smart SplitView caused infinite loop in the stretch algorithm


We fixed an issue in the Smart SplitView that could cause an infinite loop freezing the window caused by new Bootstrap 4 CSS Styles not handled properly.

SCLNG-368 Smart SplitView responsive orientation now reacts to SmartForm width change


We fixed an issue where the Smart SplitView was not reacting correctly to window changes in width.

SCLNG-367 Smart Hamburger Menu template updated to use Bootstrap 4


he Smart Hamburger Menu template was still using Bootstrap 3 classes. This has been now adjusted to use Bootstrap 4 css classes.

New Feature

SCLNG-376 Additional CSS classes added to the Smart Language Picker


We added the following css classes to the Smart Language Picker to make the styles customizable:

  • language-picker-popup (on the div.k-popup element in kendo-popup)

  • language-label (on the selected language name)

  • language-option-label (on the names of the language options)

SCLNG-358 Font Awesome support for menu images


We now support Font Awesome Images for menu structures.

SCLNG-341 New "before delete" hook in Smart Data Source


We have implemented a new hook for the Smart Data Source that can be used to perform certain operations before a record is deleted. The event raised is also cancellable.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 { "dataSources": { "CustomerDataSource": { "beforeDelete": "BeforeCustomerDelete" } } }


1 <smart-data-source [before-delete]="BeforeDeleteHandler" ... />


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 import { BeforeEventCallback } from '@consultingwerk/smartcomponent-library'; export class CustomerForm extends SmartFormComponent { BeforeDeleteHandler: BeforeEventCallback = (...) => { // returns either boolean or Promise<boolean> } }