Release Note 003: OERA/support/processSubmitException.p has been deleted



The file OERA/support/processSubmitException.p has been deleted from the SmartComponents Library distribution (customer branch). The functionality of this file has been integrated into the static method DatasetErrorStrings in the Consultingwerk.Util.ErrorHelper class (bug 1880) and all references to this procedure have been replaced by calls to the static method. This was due to the effords to move as much generic framework functionality into classes.  

Change 10041 by mikefe@CONSULTINGWERK1 on 2009/07/12 14:23:33

        Integration change.

Affected files ...

... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Base/SmartViewerControl.cls#7 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Implementation/SmartBusinessEntityAdapter.cls#8 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Interfaces/ISmartGroupAssignSource.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Resources/SmartComponentLibraryCustomizer.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/Util/ErrorHelper.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/OERA/service/daOrder.p#4 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/OERA/support/daSupport.p#5 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/OERA/support/processSubmitException.p#3 delete



Versions found


  • SmartComponents Library, Customer branch at Changelist #10041 

  • OpenEdge 10.2A  




When a customer has written code that relies on the procedure OERA/support/processSubmitException.p (i.e. calls that procedure), the customer should either work on a local backup copy of that file or replace the call to that procedure with a call to the ErrorHelper class as shown below.  


ASSIGN cMessages = ErrorHelper:DatasetErrorStrings (hChangesDataset) . 



Customers that do rely on this procedure will have to take ownership of the procedure. As of today this file in no longer considered part of the SmartComponent Library.  

Customers that do not require this procedure should delete the procedure from their development environment.  


References to written documentation


  • None