Release Note 001: Bug 1831: SmartLookup class moved from Implementation to Base




As a result of changes made for Bug 1831 the SmartLookup class was moved from the Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Implementation package/name space to Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Base.  

The SmartLookup class is considered to be an abstract class that will not be used on an UI directly. To avoid confusion when adding controls to the Visual Designer toolbox this class was moved to the Base package.  


Versions found


  • SmartComponent Library Customer Branch, Change #9654.  




Change 9654 by mikefe@CONSULTINGWERK1 on 2009/06/10 21:32:29

        Integrated changes made for Bug 1831 into Customer branch

Affected files ...

... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Base/SmartLookup.cls#1 branch
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Implementation/SmartBusinessEntityLookup.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Implementation/SmartGenericLookup.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Implementation/SmartLookup.cls#2 delete
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Interfaces/ILookupCompleteCallback.cls#2 integrate
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Support/SmartBusinessEntityLookupDialog.cls#2 integrate




When receiving the latest code of the SmartComponent Library developers should make sure, that the SmartLookup.cls and SmartLookup.r files are (manually) removed from the Consultingwerk\SmartComponents\Implementation directory.  

If the class is already used on a projects Visual Designer toolbox (check toolbox.xml file), it should be removed. The SmartLookup class is not intended to be used on any Form directly.  


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