Release Note 007: Dropped support for Microsoft Windows.Forms based components as of Release 10.2B






As with the next release of the SmartComponent Library (targetted for January 2010) the support for the Microsoft Windows.Forms based Controls/Components has been dropped from the SmartComponent Library.  


Versions found


  • SmartComponents Library, Release targetted for 10.2B, Trunk at Changelist #11865 

  • OpenEdge 10.2B  




Please delete the file Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Implementation/SmartToolStripContainer.cls from your development file structures and deployment destinations (the ZIP file with the next deployment of the SmartComponent Library won't be able to delete the file automatically).  

As far as we know no single customer has been using those versions. If the dropped support of these Controls/Components will be causing issues for you, please contact us ASAP!  


References to written documentation


  • None