Release Note 008: Ability to set VisibleGridColumns for SmartDataBrowser instances



As with the next release of the SmartComponent Library (targetted for January 2010) a developer will be able to set the visible columns of a SmartDataBrowser instance. The property VisibleGridColumns has been added to SmartDataBrowser class.  

The property is designed to contain a comma-delimited list of property names that should be visible in the grid instance at runtime. Columns of the first band (Band[0]) will be specified by their key only, columns from other bands will be specified using the band's key and the column's key separated by a period.  

The property has no effect at design time.  

A second property has been added to the SmartDataBrowser class. The property StoreVisibleGridColumns is logical. Double-Clicking this property name in the property grid of the Visual Designer will allow a user to store the currently visible columns (Hidden = False) in the VisibleGridColumns property. This property has the sole purpose of providing design time support to populate the VisibleGridColumns property.  


Versions found


  • SmartComponents Library, Release targetted for 10.2B, Trunk at Changelist #11865 

  • OpenEdge 10.2B  




There is no need to fix anything. To leverage this feature a developer should open any visual design that contains SmartDataBrowser instances and double click on the StoreVisibleGridColumns property.  

When the VisibleGridColumns property is not set (blank) the Infragistics Default behaviour still applies: Columns will be displayed based in the setting of their Hidden property. New columns will be displayed by default.  


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