Release Note 005: Updated Assemblies references file (assemblies.xml) for OpenEdge 10.2A02



Progress has released Service Pack 2 on September 3rd, 2009 which also contains an update to the Infragistics Controls (OpenEdge UltraControls).  


Versions found


  • OpenEdge 10.2A02  




The previous version shiped with 10.2A FCS will be uninstalled during the service pack installation process and is no longer available. As a result you have to update the assemblies.xml files before you'll be able to compile the SmartComponent Library and applications based on it.  

The change is from Version=8.1.20081.1000 to Version=8.1.20081.2150  




Please download the attached version of assemblies.xml and use this when compiling the SmartComponent Library with OpenEdge 10.2A02. When you've made local changes to the assemblies.xml file, those changes should be merged to the attached file.  


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