Release Note 006: Ability to suppress Table and Field name information with validation messages



A new static property called SuppressTableAndFieldInfo has been added to the Consultingwerk.Util.ErrorHelper class.  

Change 11469 by mikefe@FechnerPC4 on 2009/11/06 17:33:12

        Validation error messages from SmartViewerControls now display the Forms title as ther message box title.
        Implemented Consultingwerk.Util.ErrorHelper:SuppressTableAndFieldInfo static property as a way to supress the display of table and field info with error messages

Affected files ...

... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/102A/ABL/Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Base/SmartViewerControl.cls#3 edit
... //depot/SmartComponents4NET/102A/ABL/Consultingwerk/Util/ErrorHelper.cls#2 edit


Versions found


  • SmartComponents Library, Customer branch at Changelist #11470 

  • OpenEdge 10.2A02  




Setting the value of this property to TRUE (in the application startup procedure) will prevent the ErrorHelper from generating the Table and Field information lines in (validation) error messages shown to the user.  

ASSIGN Consultingwerk.Util.ErrorHelper:SuppressTableAndFieldInfo = TRUE . 


Additionally the SmartViewerControl class will use it's containing Forms title as a title for the error message, rather than displaying the error type name as the title of the error message. In DebugMode the SmartViewerControl will display the Forms title and the error type name.  


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