Release Note 012: New Features released on August 17, 2010

List of new features / functionality


Below is a list of the key features released today:  

  • Change 13608: SmartToolbarController with ability to disable TableIO Tools for selected TableIO-Targes (SetTableIOActionDisabled) 

  • Change 13749: SmartToolbarController with Properties to return the currently active TableIO and Navigation Targets 

  • Change 13752: proSIretrieve.p, proSIretrieve1.p: Improved Error-Handling when working with AppServer 

  • Change 13759: SmartBusinessEntityLookupDialog now uses a BatchSize of 50 by default. 

  • Change 13760: SmartDataObjectLookup implementation 

  • Change 13772: FrameworkSettings now offers the Property ExtendedTransparency that allows turning of transparency effects for the Lookup Dialogs. 

  • Change 13773: SmartDataAdapter: GetFieldValues now supports array fields. 

  • Change 13825: SmartBrowserControl: StoreVisibleGridColums implemented as DesignerVerb 

  • Change 14012: Select Business Entity, Select Dataset Controller, Select Tables DesignerVerbs on classes 

  • Change 14045: SmartUpdatableBrowser implementation 

  • Change 14049: SmartUpdatableBrowser with properties DisabledColumnsForAdd and DisabledColumnsForUpdate 

  • Change 14074: SmartBusinessEntityLookup with AppServer Partition Support. 

  • Change 14144: ErrorHelper: Ability to specify a custom error message Form using the IErrorMessageForm Interface 

  • Change 14304: SmartBusinessEntityAdapter, static Method FromDatasetController() 

  • Chance 14305: !ICustomTypeDescriptor.i, huge Performance improvements 
  • Change 14307: SmartWindowForm: New DesignerVerb (below the Property Grid) that allows to add a UserControl (like a SmartViewerControl) to a Form without adding it to the Toolbox/Palette first 

  • Change 14442: SmartBusinessEntityLookup with a new Designer Dialog.  




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