Release Note 014: Announcement: Non-UltraControls version of the Business Entity Tester is no longer support



As of today we do no longer intend to support the Non-UltraControls version of the Business Entity Tester utility. The UltraControls version of the utility has the same (and as of today more) functionality (the ability to shutdown running instances of business entities has been added today).  

The original intention of maintaining two versions of the same tool just differing in the used toolbar control (Microsoft Toolstrip vs. Infragisstics UltraToolbarsManager) was to keep the usage of the OpenEdge UltraControls optional for developers using the SmartComponent Library. Since early in 2009 we have dropped the idea of supporting a version of the SmartComponent Library that works with and anotherone that works without UltraControls.  

For us there remains no reason to continue to support the Business Entity Tester for developers not using the OpenEdge UltraControls (Infragistics Controls).  

Please let us know, if you have any concerns about this decision.  


Affected files


We have deleted the following files from our development brach:  

Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Tools/OERABusinessEntityTester/OERABusinessEntityTesterForm.cls  Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Tools/OERABusinessEntityTester/OERABusinessEntityTesterFormDesigner.cls Consultingwerk/SmartComponents/Tools/OERABusinessEntityTester/OERABusinessEntityTesterFormDesigner.resx  



Developers should update run configurations, desktop shortcuts, batch scripts etc. that were starting the OERABusinessEntityTesterForm as soon as possible to start the class Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Tools.OERABusinessEntityTester.UltraBusinessEntityTesterForm instead.  

We will no longer ship the three removed files with future deployments. However the deployment in the Form of a ZIP archive does not allow us to remove files from a developers file system.  

If you are not using the above mentioned files, please remove them from your file system manually.  


References to written documentation