Release Note 010: Current SmartComponent Library fails to compile on OpenEdge 10.2B01!



The SmartBusinessEntityAdapter and SmartDatasetChildAdapter classes currently don't compile on OpenEdge 10.2B01.  

Compile error: The target of the ENTRY statement must be a field or an unqualified reference to a data member or variable  


Versions found


  • SmartComponent Library 

  • OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 01  




Due to changes in the compile introduced with OpenEdge 10.2B the current code base of the SmartComponent Library does not compile on OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 01.  

OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 1 has been released on April 30 2010.  




A fix for this issue has been released today. Please download the build no. 13364 of the SmartComponent Library to ensure compability of the SmartComponent Library with OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 01 (10.2B01). This release of the SmartComponent Library can be used with OpenEdge 10.2B and OpenEdge 10.2B01. For your convenience the assembly references have not yet been upgrated to the Infragistics Controls supplied with Service Pack 01 from Progress Software. When you are using OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 01 with this release of the SmartComponent Library you should upgrade your assembly references manually.  

The next release of the SmartComponent Library will be shiped with an assemblies.xml file referencing the latest version of the OpenEdge UltraControls.  


References to written documentation


  • OpenEdge 10.2B Service Pack 01 documentation, list of issues fixed. Issue number addressed by the change in the compiler: OE00193780 

  • Bug 2281