Development and Maintenance Branches

 The following diagram shows the branching hierarchy used for development and maintenance of the SmartComponent Library.  

The "Trunk" (//depot/SmartComponents4NET/Trunk/...) is the main feature development workspace. Currently the Trunk contains features developed based on the beta Release of OpenEdge 10.2B (abstracts, strong typed events, etc.).  

The current maintenance branch is the "102A" branch (//depot/SmartComponents4NET/102A/...). The maintenance branch may currently still be used for minor feature developments that are requested by customers using OpenEdge 10.2A. The main purpose of the maintenance branch is bug fixing. Bug fixes can be merged to the Trunk as needed (using the branch spec "SmartComponents_102A_Trunk"). The maintenance branch was opened on Aug 07th 2009 in change list 10420.  

The "Customer" branch is the main deployment workspace for the SmartComponent Library (//depot/SmartComponents4NET/Customer/...). It has been created from the Trunk on June 8th 2009 in change list 9607. Since the 102A branch has become the maintenance branch the Customer branch receives modifications from the Customer branch (using the branch spec "SmartComponents_Customer").  

All above branches contain an ABL directory containing ABL source code and the OpenEdge Architect project files and a CS directory containing the source code for the Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Design.dll assembly (C#, Visual Studio 2008).  

The Customer branch is the source for various customer individual branches that may be used for customizations or integrations into development projects.