Release Note 028: Important message regarding OpenEdge 11.2

Dear Customer of the SmartComponent Library,

OpenEdge 11.2 has been released a few days back. So far our tests with OpenEdge 11.2 were very successful!

However, I’d like to raise a word of warning regarding the use of OpenEdge 11.2 on a development machine that OpenEdge 11.1 is also installed on.

OpenEdge 11.2 does not ship with a new release of the Infragistics Ultra Controls. However OpenEdge 11.2 ships with a service release 11.2.20112.2124 to the same Infragistics build that OpenEdge 11.1 did use. As a result of the installation of this service pack, the Control version 11.2.20112.2050 that was installed by OpenEdge 11.1 is no longer accessible in the GAC (Global Assemblies Cache). This seems to have two consequences, both I would call critical:

1)      R-Code that was created with OpenEdge 11.1 may contain references to the hot fixed version of the Infragistics Controls that OpenEdge 11.2 did install. As a result, an OpenEdge 11.1 runtime would require this version of the Controls, but the Progress installation does not contain this version.
There are two workarounds to this:

  1. Copy the Infragistics Assemblies from 11.1 to the Assemblies folder before compiling. Then the Progress compiler will use these Assembly versions and an 11.1 runtime should be fine
  2. Distribute the 11.2 Assemblies with your OpenEdge 11.2 application. As we’re only talking about a small version change, this should work fine (don’t take this as a guarantee from me), although I assume that PSC hasn’t done the formal tests with this combination.

2)      When using the Visual Designer in OpenEdge 11.1, using the default assemblies configuration for 11.1 it appears that the Design time components for the 11.2.20112.2050 release are no longer accessible. As a symptom, Infragistics Controls (like a simple UltraButton) will not be added to a Form, when you add it to a design, it will appear on the yellow space below the Form which is reserved for Components. This is typically an indication for a missing Editor component  for that Control. Adding standard MS Controls to the Form is possible without any problem.

For those of you that were participating in the OpenEdge 11.2 early access program, a thread containing an earlier discussion on this topic is accessible here:

We have just started discussing these effects with Progress development. Right now we do not recommend using OpenEdge 11.1 at all on a machine that has OpenEdge 11.2 installed … or at least remain aware of the symptoms described here.

We will keep you updated through this channel as soon as we know more!