05. Using the Business Entity Designer

The user interface of the Business Entity Designer is leveraging dockable panes to organize the various property sheets. The dockable panes can be arranged to suite a user’s preferences or individual requirements. 

Dockable panes can be arranged as tables on any side of the Business Entity Designer window or outside of the window. Some panes do have a table folder and a scrollbar to manage the amount of options. When dockable panes are grouped as tabs, the tabs on the bottom with images represent the dockable panes while the tabs on the top with text labels only represent a tab folder within a dockable pane.

The layout of the dockable panes will be stored in the registry of the individual user.

To change the values of an object on the design canvas you will have to select the relevant dockable pane first and then choose the “Update record” button of the Maintenance group in the Ribbon. 

When done with editing the property values, select “Save changes” or “Cancel update” to undo your changes.

The following dockable panes allow you to set properties of objects on the design canvas:

PropertyValue / Description
Entity PropertiesProperties for the whole Business Entity, the Data Access Object or the Dataset Controller
Table PropertiesProperties for the selected temp-table
Field PropertiesProperties for the selected temp-table field
Index PropertiesProperties for the selected temp-table index
Data-RelationProperties for the selected data-relation

While editing within a property sheet, most functions in the Business Entity Designer will be disabled until you choose either “Save changes” or “Cancel  update”.