Release Notes 2015-10-03

Version Information

OpenEdge ReleaseVersion Information
10.2BRelease 10.2B #35357@2015-10-03
11.xRelease 11.3 #35357@2015-10-03

Release Notes

With this release we are recommending all developers to consider using OpenEdge (that is hotfix 003 for service pack 1 of OpenEdge release 11.5). Especially the 64 bit version of that release shows great improvements on the Visual Designer reliability. See SCL-940 - Recommendation to apply OpenEdge Hotfix

This release includes database changes. Please execute the SmartDB Upgrade and Migration Routine when upgrading to this release.

New Feature Documentation

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  • [SCL-1037] - BaseForm should unsubscribe SizeChanged event in OnFormClosed
  • [SCL-1043] - Consultingwerk.Environment is not allowed to access System.Environment on 11.5 PASOE


  • [SCL-645] - Review: Use of BY-REFERENCE in proSIretrieve.p for ServiceInterface call
  • [SCL-1034] - Implement ValidatePartialData Method similar to SaveChangesPartial
  • [SCL-1035] - User Group maintenance should allow to clear the parent group of a group
  • [SCL-1036] - Validation: A Group cannot be it's own ancestor
  • [SCL-1042] - SmartComponents Desktop should be showing working directory in window title
  • [SCL-1044] - ServiceAdapter should provide signature with SubmitData parameter object, but no pcContext
  • [SCL-1045] - Make all ServiceAdapter public methods part of IServiceAdapter
  • [SCL-1049] - Add events prior and after to the MERGE-CHANGES method call in the SmartBusinessEntityAdapter
  • [SCL-1051] - UltraControls created by the SmartBindingSource wizards should use Office2010 style

New Feature

  • [SCL-1002] - JSDO 4.1 support
  • [SCL-1021] - Support for numRecords and stopAfter in JSDO Generic Service
  • [SCL-1039] - Temp Table to Object Mapper should provide method to find temp-table buffer based on object values
  • [SCL-1040] - ArrayHelper:Find
  • [SCL-1041] - SmartDataAccess should (optionally) be using a service to assign PUK values to new records
  • [SCL-1046] - DatasetModelClasses should have methods that return field values but can also return a default value
  • [SCL-1047] - Validate:CanFind should support &1 in the Query String argument
  • [SCL-1048] - Implement ability to FetchData from DataAccess without emptying the Dataset first