Release Notes 2015-10-16

Version Information

OpenEdge ReleaseVersion Information
10.2BRelease 10.2B #35530@2015-10-16
11.xRelease 11.3 #35530@2015-10-16

Release Notes

With this release we are recommending all developers to consider using OpenEdge (that is hotfix 003 for service pack 1 of OpenEdge release 11.5). Especially the 64 bit version of that release shows great improvements on the Visual Designer reliability. See SCL-940 - Recommendation to apply OpenEdge Hotfix

We have started formal certification tests for OpenEdge 11.6 and expect to release full compatibility of the SmartComponent Library with that OpenEdge release soon after FCS from Progress Software. If customers using OpenEdge 11.6 in development already encounter any issues, we will work with you on resolving those issues in a timely manner.

Starting the 2015-10-09 release the Business Entity Designer will feature a start page with links to most recent release note articles on this site.

New Feature Documentation

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  • [SCL-1062] - Invalid Handle error when closing the Business Entity Designer
  • [SCL-1063] - SmartWindowFormGenerator Template needs to generate new SettingsKey for SmartDataBrowser instance for each Form (GUID)
  • [SCL-1064] - Ensure all SmartFramework Forms use a unique SettingsKey for all SmartDataBrowsers


  • [SCL-1065] - Add OpenEdge 11.6 to ProVersionEnum
  • [SCL-1066] - Adjust Error handling for non existing validation methods in Data Access classes for OpenEdge 11.6
  • [SCL-1068] - Property SettingsKey of SmartDataBrowser should not be Localizable

New Feature

  • [SCL-798] - Implement code-refactoring solution, possibly around Proparse
  • [SCL-1067] - Add Filter to Folder Browser Dialog
  • [SCL-1071] - Business Entity Editor should optionally launch Ant Script to update .annotations after adding invokable method
  • [SCL-1072] - Add automatic cache ageing to Business Entity Descriptor Cache and Annotations Cache
  • [SCL-1073] - Display 32 bit / 64 bit in Business Entity Designer and Desktop status bar
  • [SCL-1075] - SmartDataBrowser: Ability to fetch all remaining records on Group By