Lists, Generics, Enumerators, Enumerations, Serialization: DIY Closing the OO Gap (PUG Challenge Americas 2015)

Lists of objects or even generic lists are a typical requirements when building object oriented applications that manage data or framework components. Enumerators are required to iterate and process the information contained in the objects in those lists. Enumerations are a standard technique to create type-safe lists of related values. And serialization helps to use objects to store data in a structured way in a database or another storage or exchange objects with any external systems (built in ABL serialization only works between OpenEdge client and AppServer). All those missing features are often named when disqualifying the OOABL as not ready for prime time. This session demonstrates using sample code used in real world applications how developers can build OOABLs missing features using standard ABL techniques.

This session provides insight into how Lists, Generics, Enumertors and Enumerations are developed for the SmartComponent Library framework.


Sample code

The sample code for the presentation has been released at Github under the MIT License