Using Telerik Kendo UI with WebSpeed (PUG Challenge Americas 2015)

Telerik Kendo.UI the HTML5 and JavaScript framework from Progress Softwares latest acquisition - does not only help when you are writing web applications following all the latest standards and JavaScript techniques. Even when you are using WebSpeed to build browser based applications or web sites in a more traditional way you can use Kendo.UI to improve the appearance and user experience. In this session youll learn how you can use Kendo.UI with WebSpeed and add Controls like Grids, Windows, Charts or Auto-Complete text boxes even without deep JavaScript knowledge. Controls can be used both in mapped web objects and SpeedScript based applications. The session will also demo how to use WebSpeed to implement asynchronous requests for lazy-loading of data required by the Controls.

This session covers experience from developing the SmartComponents.Web framework.