Installation of the SmartFramework ERD Designer

Installation via Eclipse Update Site

The SmartFramework ERD Designer is installed via the Eclipse Update site:

SmartFramework ERD/Zalmoxis is developed based on Eclipse Kepler (4.3), which is the foundation of Progress Developer Studio in OpenEdge 11.4 to 11.6. SmartFramework ERD is also tested on Eclipse Mars (4.5.2), Progress Developer Studio of OpenEdge 11.7.

In Progress Developer Studio open "Help" → "Install New Software" and enter the update site URL


in the field "Work with".

It is not required to check the "Contact all update sites during install to find required software". Hit "Next". 

Hit "Next".

Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" for both licenses (Zalmoxis and SmartFramework ERD) and select "Finish".

Confirm the installation of the unsigned content. 

Confirm the restart of Progress Software Studio to complete the installation. 

Applying the License File

When installed without applying a license file, Zalmoxis will only support database schema's upto a maximum of 15 tables. To enable support for larger databases, it's requierd to apply a license file. We do provide the license file for SmartComponent Library customers under Active Maintenance free of charge, please create a ticket at and request the license file.

The license file is imported in the Progress Developer Studio preferences at (Window → Preferences):