Using the Zalmoxis ERD Model Compare Function to update an OpenEdge database

The comparison of two (versions) or SmartFramework ERD models (.smfdia files) or Progress .df files is implemented based on the standard "Compare with each other" tool in the Project Explorer context menu. It also works with Eclipse team providers using the "Compare with revision" menus.

It is possible to compare a diagram with a data definition. But the output may be "polluted" by reference changes.

Creating an incremental data definition file

To create the incremental definition there are three export wizards that can be used:

- between two diagram/definition files

- between one diagram/definition file and an OpenEdge project database

- the other way around, OpenEdge database and diagram/definition file

The easiest way to create in incremental data definition file (delta.df) are the wizards that can be reached from the context menu of the model design canvas: