Release Notes 2018-09-22

Version Information

OpenEdge Release

Version Information

11.3.3, 11.3.4, 11.4, 11.6.2, 11.6.3, 11.7, 11.7.1, 11.7.2,

Release 11.3 #48359@2018-09-22

OpenEdge 11.7.3 support!

The previously reported issues with the Progress Developer Studio Visual Designer (Visual Designer related OpenEdge 11.7.3 product alert!!!) has been resolved by Progress Software with Hotfix 007 of OpenEdge 11.7.3. We hereby announce full compatibility of the SmartComponent Library with OpenEdge 

Besides the issue with the Visual Designer however, we habe not been aware of any incompatibilities with OpenEdge 11.7.3. 

Introducing the SmartComponent Library developer forum

Got questions about using the SmartComponent Library? Wish to discuss feature requests with other users of the SmartComponent Library? To facilitate networking in the growing number of SmartComponent Library users and developers, we've added a developer forum on our new home-page. The developer forum can be found at: 

A login is required to participate in the forum. Don't be shy - create your account today!

Announcing the SmartFramework ERD Designer

We are announcing the availability of the SmartFramework ERD Designer

Release Notes

Following the release of the OpenEdge 11.7 Release we have completed our testing of the SmartComponent Library on this release of Progress and are proud to announce formal support for the SmartComponent Library on OpenEdge 11.7 with the 2017-04-24 release of the SmartComponent Library. Generally we recommend customers on OpenEdge 11 to upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7 quickly. Starting the 2017-07-14 release we are supporting OpenEdge 11.7 Service Pack 1 (11.7.1).

Starting the 2015-10-09 release the Business Entity Designer will feature a start page with links to most recent release note articles on this site.

With SCL-751 we have adopted native Enums for OpenEdge 11.6. To activate this feature customers must add a definition to products.i. SCL-751 provides details for this.

With SCL-1113 we have modified the templates for SmartWindowForms and SmartTabFolderPages generated from the Business Entity Designer. We have removed the initialization of the viewer controls SmartTableIOState property (value was set to "NoDataSource" within the InitializeComponent method). Customers using their own set of templates should adopt the same fix to their templates.

OpenEdge 11.7.3 compatibility

During our tests on OpenEdge 11.7.3 we have experienced the following issues: 

  • [SCL-2216] - 11.7.3 Visual Designer disabling properties of ABL user controls

The issue has been resolved by Progress Software with hotfix 007 for OpenEdge 11.7.3.

OpenEdge 11.7.2 compatibility

During our tests on OpenEdge 11.7.2 we have experienced two issues: 

  • [SCL-2007] - Correct support for WebHandler in CcsServiceManager
  • [SCL-2008] - Closing SmartWindowForm causes crash on OpenEdge 11.7.2

We consider it mandatory for customers using OpenEdge 11.7.2 to use at least the release #44166@2017-11-27 of the SmartComponent Library. 

Due to an fix for

  • [SCL-1924] - SmartViewerControl: copy mechanism cannot cope with clob datatype

from Progress Software for in OpenEdge we further recommend all customers to apply this hotfix as well. 

New Versions of Proparse .NET Assemblies (08 April 2018)

We have updated proparse with further enhancements in this release (see Please download the .NET Assemblies ZIP file from our ESD and replace the in your environment with the latest one. The new assembly reference is:

<assembly name=", Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cda1b098b1034b24"/>

As proparse is used by our Business Entity Generator, this new version of the Assembly is also relevant for customers not doing GUI for .NET development and require support for parsing new ABL language constructs.

This version of proparse provides additional methods for refactoring purposes. The most recent code in the Consultingwerk.Studio package relies on those methods. It's therefore mandatory to update proparse to this version.

Hybrid Realm now using IAuthenticationService

We've updated the SmartHybridRealm class used for http authentication to leverage the IAuthenticationService. It is therefor required that for AppServers requiring http Authentication (e.g. REST or Web) the correct IAuthenticationService implementation is registered (using service.xml files).

Customers relying on the previous behavior should ensure that the Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Authentication.AuthenticationService is regsitered as the IAuthenticationService. This implementation will auhtenticate users against the password stored in the SmartUser database table. 

When users with no Login Company set should be able to login using the SmartHybridRealm, it's required to set the Login Company Tennant Domain (similar to the field in the Login Company Maintenance) in the .restapplicationsettings / .applicationsettings, e.g.:


 "DefaultAuthenticationDomain": "consultingwerk" 

This is required as the Hydrid Realm Interface from Progress does not provide the domain name to the authentication method. 

Web Handler overview

This is an overview of the web handlers supported by this release

handler1=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.CatalogWebHandler: /Catalog/{EntityName}
handler2=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.CatalogsWebHandler: /Catalogs/{PackageName}
handler3=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.CountWebHandler: /Resource/{EntityName}/count
handler4=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.ResourceSubmitWebHandler: /Resource/{EntityName}/SubmitData
handler5=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.InvokeMethodWebHandler: /Resource/{EntityName}/{MethodName}
handler6=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.ResourceWebHandler: /Resource/{EntityName}
handler7=Consultingwerk.OERA.JsdoGenericService.WebHandler.BusinessServicesWebHandler: /BusinessServices/{OutputFormat}/{PackageName}
handler8=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartMenuWebHandler: /SmartMenu/{MenuStructureId}
handler9=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartMenuStructureWebHandler: /SmartMenuStructure
handler10=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartRoutesWebHandler: /SmartRoutes
handler11=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartGridWebHandler: /SmartViews/Grid/{EntityName}/{ViewName}/{DetailTemplate}
handler12=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartGridWebHandler: /SmartViews/Grid/{EntityName}/{ViewName}
handler13=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartGridWebHandler: /SmartViews/Grid/{CustomViewName}
handler14=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartViewerWebHandler: /SmartViewer/Viewer/{EntityName}/{ViewName}
handler15=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartViewerWebHandler: /SmartViewer/Viewer/{ObjectName}
handler16=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartFormWebHandler: /SmartForm/{FormTemplate}/{EntityName}/{ViewName}
handler17=Consultingwerk.Web2.Services.SmartViewsHandler.SmartFormWebHandler: /SmartForm/{FormTemplate}/{ObjectName}
handler18=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartMessageWebHandler: /SmartMessage/{MessageGroup}/{MessageNumber}
handler19=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.GetImageWebHandler: /Image/{FileName}
handler20=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartValueListWebHandler: /ValueList/{ValueList}
handler21=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartAttachmentsWebHandler: /Attachments/{Table}/{KeyValues}
handler22=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartAttachmentWebHandler: /Attachment/{Guid}
handler23=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SessionContextWebHandler: /SessionContext
handler24=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.ContextPropertiesWebHandler: /ContextProperties/{PropertyName}
handler25=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.ContextPropertiesWebHandler: /ContextProperties
handler26=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SessionInfoWebHandler: /SessionInfo
handler27=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.FileSearchWebHandler: /FileSearch/{FileName}
handler28=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.ExecuteAblWebHandler: /ExecuteAbl
handler29=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartLanguagesWebHandler: /Languages
handler30=Consultingwerk.OERA.RestResource.RestEntitiesWebHandler: /Entities
handler31=Consultingwerk.OERA.Swagger.SwaggerWebHandler: /Swagger/{EntityName}
handler32=Consultingwerk.OERA.Swagger.SwaggerRestEntitiesWebHandler: /SwaggerEntities/{OutputType}
handler33=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartTokenSecurityCheckWebHandler: /TokenSecurityCheck/{ObjectName}
handler34=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartTokenSecurityCheckWebHandler: /TokenSecurityCheck
handler35=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartEntityTableMappingHandler: /EntityTableMapping/{EntityName}/{TableName}/{UiTypeCodes}
handler36=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartTreeRootNodeWebHandler: /SmartViews/TreeRootNode/{rootnodeid}
handler37=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartTreeChildNodesWebHandler: /SmartViews/TreeChildNodes/{parentnodeid}
handler38=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartSecurityCheckWebHandler: /IsRestricted/{SecurityRealmCode}/{SecurityItemGuid}
handler39=Consultingwerk.Web2.WebHandler.SmartFieldSecurityCheckWebHandler: /RestrictedFields/{TableName}

UTF-8 based deployments available

Starting August 14th 2016 we ship our source code also as UTF-8 encoded. The ZIP files ending with contain the source code encoded with that code page. The source code in the remaining archives is still encoded in ISO8859-1. Also on Github there is a new branch containing the OpenEdge 11 based source code in UTF-8.

Related article (Progress K-Base): How to get Progress Developer Studio to save in UTF-8 encoding

New Feature Documentation

Download Link

Overview of included tickets


SCL-2373 Excluded Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.SmartFrameworkServices from deployment without SmartFramework


We have excluded the Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.SmartFrameworkServices class from our deployments that do not include the SmartFramework as this was causing compile errors due to missing referenced types.

SCL-2376 Fixed Invalid ELSE branch in TextBox.cls


We have fixed an error with an empty ELSE branch of IF statements in the SmartComponents.Web classes

- Editor.cls
- HiddenField.cls
- TextBox.cls

SCL-2381 ValidationMessage.cls: ** WARNING: Invalid INITIAL option ignored for HANDLE or OBJECT REFERENCE variable. (3349)


We have removed the INITIAL option from a property definition in the ValidationMessage class. This option was creating a confusing compile-time message. It had not runtime impact however.


SCL-2377 Added option for Tracing-Filter "*" to ProfilerService


We have added a new variant of the StartProfiler method of the IProfilerService interface:

     * Purpose: Starts a profiling session including debug listing
     * Notes:
     * @param pcOutputFileName The file name of the profiler output file (.prof)
     * @param pcDescription The description for the profiler session
     * @param pcDebugListingDirectory The directory to generate debug-listings in (? for output file directory)
     * @param pcTraceFilter The filter for procedure/names to enable detailled tracing for (use "" to disable detailled tracing)
    METHOD PUBLIC VOID StartProfiler (pcOutputFileName AS CHARACTER,
                                      pcDescription AS CHARACTER,
                                      pcDebugListingDirectory AS CHARACTER,
                                      pcTraceFilter AS CHARACTER).

This method allows passing the TRACE-FILTER argument for the PROFILER system handle.

For more details on the parameters of the PROFILER system handle, see this article:

SCL-2380 Performance Improvements of the SmartRepositoryService


We have improved the performance of the SmartRepositoryService by

- optimizing the initial caching of the SmartObjectType table and the building of the base class list
- optimization of the query parsing codce in the ObjectMasterDataAccess (specific implementation, rather than using the DsQueryString class)
- optimization in the DataAccess class with regards to building the list of validation method. This is no longer done in the instance constructor of the DataAccess class each time a DataAccess instance is created. This is now stored in a static Dictionary.
- caching of the SmartBusinessEntityConfiguration objects in the SmartBusinessEntityConfigurationProvider

The startup time of the SmartRepositoryService has improved significantly (ca. 1/50 with a customer's database).

The time for the FetchRepositoryObject method execution has improved also significantly (ca. 1/2).

SCL-2382 Update "SmartDB Upgrade and Migration Routine" for ANT 1.10


Following the discussion here we have added the laoderRef option to the references to the PCT.jar file in the SmartDB Upgrade and Migration Utility. This ensures compatibility of the tool with ANT 1.10.

New Feature

SCL-1996 Added assignment of Menu Function Security Token to the Menu Structure Security Assignment


Menu Functions can both be authorized by the SMF (Smart Menu Function) and the SST (Smart Security Token) realm. Multiple menu functions can reference the same security token.

To simplify the assignment of the menu function authorization, we have now added the assignment of the security token as a combo-box to the tree view in the Menu Security Maintenance form.

SCL-2343 Implemented ability to assign RestartRowid to DatasetModel classes and start fetching data from a known ROWID


Implemented two new methods in the DatasetModel class:

     * Purpose: Returns the Next-Rowid
     * Notes:   The Next-Rowid is the row-identifier required for retrieving
     *          the next batch. The usage of this method is only required, when
     *          implementing ROWID based batching with Dataset Models throughout
     *          different AppServer requests. The SetRestartRowid method acecpts
     *          the same values
     * @return The row-identifier required for retrieving the next batch


     * Purpose: Sets the Restart-Rowid for the next request
     * Notes:   Allows to start retrieving data from a specific row.
     *          The usage of this method is only required, when implementing
     *          ROWID based batching with Dataset Models throughout different
     *          AppServer requests.
     * @param pcRowid The value for the Restart-Rowid
     * @return The reference to the DatasetModel itself for fluent style code
    METHOD PUBLIC DatasetModel SetRestartRowid (pcRowid AS CHARACTER):

The GetNextRowid method allows to retrieve the next ROWID (or set of ROWID's) as a character value required to obtain the next batch.

The SetRestartRowid method initializes the DatasetModel (or DatasetModel performed), so that the following Fill() operation fetches for this next batch.

Both methods are implemented to allow ROWID based batching in different instances of the DatasetModel (typically when batches are retrieved during different AppServer requests).

SCL-2375 Implemented a Garbage-Capable version of the HandleHolder class


The Consultingwerk.HandleHolder class does not perform a DELETE OBJECT for the reference widget handle value. We have implemented a StrongHandleHolder class now which deletes the referenced widget handle when

- the StrongHandleHolder is deleted or garbage collected or
- another Handle value is assigned to the Value property of the StrongHandleHolder instance

Using the StrongHandleHolder instead of returning a widget handle value from a factory method will reduce the risk of memory leaks when working with handle based objects.