Smart TreeView

Here is a sample JSON configuration of the Smart Tree View:

    "columns": [
            "salesrepTree": {
                "componentType": "treeview",
                "componentOptions": {
                    "rootNode": "salesreptree.rootnode",
                    "maxHeight": 500,
                    "height": 400,
                    "rootNodeExpanded": true,
                    "paneVisibility": "md,lg",
					"mainColumnHeader": "Description"

JSON Properties list and explanations:

PropertyTypeExplanationEquivalent HTML Attribute
rootNodestringThe rootNode attribute represents the Smart Tree Node that should be used as the root.root-node-type
maxHeightnumberOptional attribute, used for setting a maximum height of the tree view (not including the detail form), in pixels. If the tree view's height reaches or surpasses that value, a scroll bar will be shown. If left unset, the tree view will increase in height as much as necessary, without introducing a scroll bar at any point.max-height
heightnumberThe initial height of the Smart Tree View.height

Represents a comma separated list of screen sizes in which the split pane should be visible. Defaults to "md,lg". Possible values are the same as bootstrap conventions:

  • xs (extra small)
  • sm (small)
  • md (medium)
  • lg (large)
rootNodeExpandedlogicalDetermines whether the root node should be initially expanded.root-node-expanded
mainColumnHeaderstringOptional attribute, represents the text for the main column header in the Smart Tree View (the first column header). If not present, the header will be
hideDetailViewbooleanOptional attribute. It is used to set the visibility of the detail view on the right. The default value is false.hide-detail-view