Release Note 030: Announcing Support for OpenEdge 11.4

Dear customer of the SmartComponent Library,

Last week OpenEdge 11.4 was released and we are happy to announce full support for the SmartComponent Library on OpenEdge 11.4 today. Support for OpenEdge 11.4 requires upgrading to a recent weekly build as we’ve had to make some minor code changes (SCL-392) to work around a potential language issue.

One of the most positive features of OpenEdge 11.4 is the performance of the Progress Developer Studio. Typical delays especially with the code completion and the usage of the Visual Designer seem to be much faster now compared to OpenEdge 11.2 and 11.3.

We have however ran into an issue with the Visual Designer code generation yesterday that we logged with Progress tech support today (SCL-421). The usage of Localizable Forms seems to break proper assignment of ABL UserControl Character Property values in OpenEdge 11.4. This is caused by a new way the InitializeComponents method now assigns values to Localizable properties. As this is now assigned from a .NET object instance, we guess that ABL properties are lost in translation… Customers that are looking into using Localizable Forms on OpenEdge 11.4 should contact us so that we can ensure we add your name and Progress serial number to the case so that you’d get access to a potential hotfix as soon as it becomes available.

Until further feedback from Progress – and probably a hotfix – we cannot recommend to use the OpenEdge 11.4 Visual Designer to maintain Localizable Forms at all.

We have also not yet researched if the new way of assigning Localizable properties in 11.4 might break backwards compatibility with previous OpenEdge releases as the generated code might not compile on older releases release.

We do currently support the SmartComponent Library on OpenEdge 10.2B, service Pack 6 – 8, OpenEdge, OpenEdge 11.3.1 and OpenEdge 11.3.2 and OpenEdge 11.4. We support the Business Entity Designer also on OpenEdge (or higher service packs).

Customers on other versions of Progress are kindly asked to contact us!