How do I know the Version of the SmartComponent Library that I am using?

Every build of the SmartComponent Library contains two files that tell you the version of the framework:


  • Consultingwerk\frameworkversion.i
  • Consultingwerk\FrameworkVersion.cls


The include file Consultingwerk\frameworkversion.i is automatically generated as part of our release process and contains the release name, release number (Perforce Change list number at Consultingwerk) and the release date:


Release 11.3 #31102@2014-06-26


You can just open this file from a text editor to review the release number.


If you need access to the framework release number from within your application, just create an instance of the class Consultingwerk.FrameworkVersion and access the return value of the GetVersionString() method:


MESSAGE (NEW Consultingwerk.FrameworkVersion()):GetVersionString() .