User, Groups and Rights Administration

1. Maintenance of users with group assignment

1.1 Add User

In the screen, select the menu item and choose “Authentification & Authorization” and open with a double click User Maintenance:

The User Maintenance screen opens.

To add a new user, choose “Add record“.

Example for a new User:

1.1.1 Choosing a Login Company

By clicking the button … in the Field „Login Company“ opens the „Login Company Lookup“ screen, in which a client can be selected and confirmed with the "OK" button.


1.1.2 Adding users to the desired group

Now add the user to the relevant groups, which is important because the assignment of rights is regulated by the individual groups. In the screen change from "User" to "Group assignment".

Select the required group and add or delete it using the arrows.

With the "Commit" button the setting is accepted, with "Revert" it is undone.

This created the user for a client and added it to the required groups.

To add the user to other clients, the process must be repeated.

We recommend that you select and copy the user. To do this, switch back to the user view. Select the user and click on Copy.

Copying copies all settings and only the client needs to be changed in the fields.

Confirm with "Save changes"   

When copying the user, the groups are not automatically included and must be added manually a second time.

Repeat the process until the user has been added for all required clients.

1.2 Update User

To update the user, select the desired user in the "User" tab and choose "Update record".

Changes can now be made here for the user under "User" and "Group assignment".

Select “Save changes” to save the settings.

If changes are made in the "Group assignment", the change is saved again by "Commit".

As under: (1.1.2 Adding User to the desired Group)

Please also note that the change must be saved for each user in each client.

1.3 Delete User

To delete an existing user, select the user and click "Delete record".

A message appears to indicate whether you are sure, that you want to delete the record. Confirm this with "Yes" and the data record is deleted.

2. User Group Maintenance

2.1 Create a new User Group

The groups are maintained under “User Group Maintenance“.

Double-clicking on the User Group Maintenance opens the required screen and an overview of the existing groups including inheritance is displayed.

Clicking the “Add record” button opens the screen for entering the group data.

The name of the newly created group must be entered in the screen.

The "Parent Group" is selected by clicking on the button on the right in the field, if inheritance of rights, from another group is desired.

Under "Login Company" the client can be selected. This is rarely used, as the group would only be available for the selected client. The field can be left blank.

2.2 Copy and delete a User Group

2.2.1 Copying a group

When a group is selected, select “Copy record” and copy a data set. Make the desired changes and confirm with “Save changes”.

2.2.2 Deleting a User group

To delete a user group, select the desired user group and click on the "Delete" button to perform the operation.

Then confirm the pop-up window with the question whether you are sure with "Yes".

The record is then deleted.

2.3 Adding Users to a Group

With the "User Assignment" tab, the users are displayed and can be added or removed using the arrows.

With "Commit" the change is saved and released.

"Revert" undoes the change.

3. Assignment of Rights

3.1 Give access to one or more required screens (SMF - Smart Menu Function)

SMF – Smart Menu Function 

Authorizes the user group's access to a specific screen.

For example, changing the Menu Structure.

To grant or change the rights according to user groups, the "Menu Security Maintenance" must be called up.

Double-clicking on the menu item opens the screen.

Select the desired group and use the arrows to move from the left to the right field.

Then confirm with "OK".

Icon for groups

Icon for users

It is recommended to create the rights for the corresponding groups and not for individual users, for this purpose the groups are created.

After confirming, an overview of the rights opens (the rights are set to "Restricted-by-realm" by default, therefore each access and editing right must first be activated):

To activate the user group for the required screens, the button can be selected on the right in the respective column and the entry can be set to "Unrestricted". This unlocks the screen(s) for the selected user group.


saves the changes.

When clicking on the "Menu Security" tab, the "Reload" button can now be pressed and the view shows the updated data.

3.2 Grant Access Rights to addiotional Functions (SST - Smart Security Token)

SST – Smart Security Token

Activates additional functions for a user or user group.

For example, Launching Forms:

If a user group requires additional rights beyond the already activated functions, the "SmartFramework" tab must be called up.

Here you will find further administration options.

From here you can also access the user administration "User Maintenance" and the user group administration "User Group Maintenance" again.

"Security Realm Maintenance" is used to edit the different security types.


3.1.1     Security Assignment for the assignment of rights

Under the menu item "Security Assignment" the assignment of rights is called up.

On the left hand side you will find an overview of all rights assignments.

On the right side, further data records with rights can be added or changed.

Further functions can now be activated by selecting the SST- Smart Security Token via the entry in the "Security Realm" field.

Under "Group" the user group can be selected.

When clicking the button on the right in the "Security Item" field, a window opens in which additional functions can be selected.

For Example:

If the check mark, which is automatically set to "Save changes", is now removed and the change is accepted with "Save", the article master is released for the group.

3.1.2 Copying, changing and deleting rights

Changing, deleting, and copying the rights links can again be done under the following menu items: