Updating from v10.2 to v13.0+

Updating from version 10.2 to 13 involves the following:

  • updating node.js to version 16

  • making necessary changes to package.json

  • updating your project to NG13

  • installing SmartComponent Library NG version 13

Updating to node.js 16

Please download the node.js installer from the following link and follow the instructions:


Changes to package.json

If your project includes a package-lock.json at the root level, please delete it. Then, open package.json and make the following changes under the dependencies object:

  • remove all references to @progress modules

  • remove references to keycloak-angular and keycloak-js

Finally, please delete your node_modules directory and run npm install.

Updating to NG13

To update to Angular v13, please open the following URL and follow the instructions:


Ensure that you check the “I use Windows” if applicable. Please also ensure that v10.2 is selected under “From” and 13.0 under “To”.

If you would rather not commit your changes after each step from the above URL (not recommended), you may append the --allow-dirty flag to each command that you will run.

Update to SmartComponent Library NG v13

In the root of your project, run the following command:

npm install -S @consultingwerk/smartcomponent-library@13

Note: node.js 16 introduces npm version 8, which now automatically installs peer dependencies of your direct dependencies for you. Along with this change, npm will also throw an error instead of a warning when peer dependency versions cannot be satisfied. If you encounter such errors, please attempt to perform the steps described under “Changes to package.json” again.