Enabling the Smart Developer Tools in your NG Project

To be able to access the Smart Developer Tools form, the SmartDeveloperToolsFormModule is necessary to be added to the app.module.ts imports:

import { SmartDeveloperToolsFormModule } from "@consultingwerk/smartcomponent-library"; @NgModule({ declarations: [...], imports: [ ... SmartDeveloperToolsFormModule ], }) export class AppModule { }


The form can then be accessed by navigating to the following path: smart-developer-tools, either by simply pointing your browser to http://localhost:4200/(view:smart-developer-tools) or by navigating to the same path with the SmartNavigationService, as it can be seen below:

constructor(private navigation: SmartNavigationService) {} ngOnInit() { this.navigation.navigate('smart-developer-tools'); }


The Smart Developer Tools form should be displayed as in the following image: