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The Business Entity Descriptor uses the Annotation based Type Descriptor to provide specific information about the usage of Business Entities at runtime. The information can be used by tools that use the information provided by the Business Entity Descriptor to dynamically adjust the behavior based on definitions in the Business Entity.

As the Business Entity Descriptor is based on the Annotation based Type Descriptor, the utility described on that page must be used after inserting necessary annotations in a Business Entity source code.


The InvokeMethod annotation allows the description of method that are invokable through the Service Interface or the Service Adapter

Attribute Name



Name of the class name expected as the parameter object of the invokable method. Invokable methods expect the dataset of the Business Entity as INPUT-OUTPUT parameter and a further parameter object (which should be serializable if the method should be accessible from a client).


Is the dataset parameter expected for INPUT


Is the dataset parameter expected for OUTPUT

template (ignored)

The template parameter is commonly used for Invokable method for the generation of proxy methods in the DatasetModel classes. This parameter is not required for the Business Entity Descriptor and will be ignored


The Business Entity Descriptor is accessed by calling into the GetBusinessEntityDescriptor method of the Business Entity (base class) through the ServiceInterface:InvokeMethod method.

The parameter class GetBusinessEntityDescriptorParameter allows to specify if the call should also return the Business Entity Dataset.


Accessing the Business Entity Descriptor from the Frontend

The Consultingwerk.OERA.BusinessEntityDescriptor.IBusinessEntityDescriptorClient with the default implementation BusinessEntityDescriptorClient provides access and a cache for the Business Entiy Entity Descriptor and should be used on the client.