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Announcing the SmartFramework ERD Designer


SCL-2505 Resolved Invalid cast to System.Windows.Forms.Control error when closing Repository Class maintenance form


We have resolved the following error that occured when closing the Repository Class Maintenance Form
Invalid cast to 'System.Windows.Forms.Control, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'. (14903)
Call Stack:
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 1050 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 1057 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 1057 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 1057 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 1057 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Util.ControlHelper at line 985 (.\Consultingwerk\Util\ControlHelper.r)
FindAllControlsOfType Consultingwerk.Forms.BaseForm at line 1554 (.\Consultingwerk\Forms\BaseForm.r)
OnFormClosed Consultingwerk.Forms.BaseForm at line 1794 (.\Consultingwerk\Forms\BaseForm.r)
OnFormClosed Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.Repository.Class.SmartObjectTypeForm at line 1161 (.\Consultingwerk\Windows\Framework\Repository\Class\SmartObjectTypeForm.r)
Startup Consultingwerk.Framework.GuiClientStartupManager at line 1116 (.\Consultingwerk\Framework\GuiClientStartupManager.r)
initialize Consultingwerk.Framework.Server.AppServerStartupManager at line 1058 (.\Consultingwerk\Framework\Server\AppServerStartupManager.r)
Consultingwerk\SmartComponentsDemo\CustomerExplorer\start.p at line 487 (.\Consultingwerk\SmartComponentsDemo\CustomerExplorer\start.r)


SCL-2495 Added Option to Generate Data Access class with Database Name


We have implemented a new setting on the "Design" tab of the Business Entity Designer Settigs/Options Dialog:
"Qualify Source Tables with Database Name"
When this option is set, the Business Entity Designer will add the database name to the source table name of the Business Entity Temp-Tables.

SCL-2509 Added OpenEdge 12.0 to ProVersionEnum


To begin supporting the announced OpenEdge 12.0 release, we've added the release number to the ProVersionEnum.
As of today, we're not aware of blocking issues when using the latest SmartComponent Library release on OpenEdge 12.0 ESAP 5.

SCL-2510 Improve ObjectTokenSecurityService Performance


We have implemented some caching in the ObjectTokenSecurityService resulting in better Performance, especially when using the SmartRequestAuthorizationProvider.

SCL-2511 Suppress log output when the LogManager:CustomLogEntries are set to the current value again


We're now suppressing the log file messages like

No Format
[19/01/08@13:41:01.348+0100] P-024872 T-018944 1 AS-6 LogManager     ### CustomLogEntries set to: LogManager,ConfigurationFileParser

when the CustomLogEntries are set to the current value. This will result in much fewer log messages getting produced.

SCL-2512 UserGroupBusinessEntity now honors the FetchDataRequest:Tables property


The UserGroupBusinessEntity does now honor the Tables property of the FetchDataRequest. This especially allows to turn off the population of the ePossibleAssignments table.

SCL-72 Business Entity Designer Plugins now create Localizable Viewer and Form


The Business Entity Designer Plugins to generate a SmartViewerControl and a SmartWindowForm now generate Localizable Forms and Viewer. The .resx Files of the Form and Viewer (new) set the meta attribuite $this.Localizable to true. This causes the Visual Designer to write all localizable properties to the .resx file the next time the .cls file is opened in the Visual Designer.

New Feature

SCL-2506 Implemented a new SmartFilter Control


We have implemented a new type of SmartComponent Libary controls: The SmartFilterControl is a base class for user controls that are automatically subscribed to the CollectFilterValues event of a SmartBusinessEntityAdapter or SmartDatasetAdapter by setting the Adapter's "LinkFilterSource" to an instance of the filter control.
There are two ways to use this new link:
1) Using the new dynamic SmartDynamicFilterControl
Developer should add this ABL Control (Consultingwerk.SmartComponents.Implementation.SmartDynamicFilterControl) to the Visual Designer toolbox. Using the properies FilterColumnsInitial and FilterColumnsOptionally developers can specify the names of Business Entity Columns (without the table name) that should appear in the filter.
2) By building controls deriving from the SmartFilterControl base class

Code Block
     * Purpose: This method is intended to be overridden by Filter Controls
     * Notes:
     * @param poParameter The CollectFilterValuesEventArgs with the data for this call
    METHOD PROTECTED VOID CollectFilterValuesHandler (poParameter AS CollectFilterValuesEventArgs):

Developers should add required UI controls to the Filter control and handle adding filter criteria to a FetchData request issued by the data adapter in the method CollectFilterValuesHandler.
When the FilterControl should initiate retrieving data, developers should call the Filter's RetrieveData method.

SCL-2507 Implemented ability to configure consistent error message format


In previous releases the MessageProvider (e.g. GUI for .NET) returned error messages using the Message Text and the Message number and Group. The SmartMessageWebHandler returned only the Message Text.
We have implemented an optional parameter in the .applicationsettings/.restapplicationsettings JSON files that allows to set a message pattern (SUBSTITUTE) with the following arguments:
&1 Message Text
&2 Message Group
&3 message Number
Based on a pattern such as "&1 (&2:&3)" customers should be able to configure the desired error message format, including the ability to return only the Message Text.

SCL-2508 (c)2019


We've updated the (c) information in the Splash screens and our templates.