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SCL-3137 Resolved issue in ErrorHelper:AddJsonErrorDetails()


We have resolved an issue in the ErrorHelper:AddJsonErrorDetails() which caused in some cases to fail to add the first message to the array.

SCL-3144 Workaround for AllowDrop property error message from UltraDockManager when starting the Business Entity Designer


We have implemented a workaround caused by the Infragistics Controls (OpenEdge UltraControls) shipped with OpenEdge 12.3 CQC.
When starting the Business Entity Designer in OpenEdge 12.3, the following error message is shown:
UltraDockManager - DragDrop disabled
The 'AllowDrop' property is set to true but the ApartmentState of the current thread does not support drag drop. To disable drag drop functionality set the 'AllowDrop' property to false. To enable drag drop functionality you must set the ApartmentState of the thread to STAThread. This can also be accomplished by putting the [STAThread] attribute on your 'Main' method.
Image Modified
We have implemented a workaround that might be required for Forms using the UltraDockManager in customer's screens too. In the Form's constructor, after the call to the InitializeComponent method, please call the SuspendSTAThreadWarning () method of the BaseForm like shown here.

Code Block
     CONSTRUCTOR PUBLIC BusinessEntityDesignerForm ():

        DEFINE VARIABLE oStatusManager AS IStatusManager NO-UNDO .
        DEFINE VARIABLE oTool AS ToolBase NO-UNDO .



        /* Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd. 15.09.2020
           SCL-3144: Suspends STAThread warnings for an UltraDockManager instance
                     Workaround for an Issue with the Infragistics UltraDockManager of OpenEdge 12.3 CQC
                     19.2.20192.381 */
        &IF DEFINED (UltraDockManagerSTAThreadWarningWorkaround) NE 0 &THEN
        THIS-OBJECT:SuspendSTAThreadWarning(ultraDockManager1) .

The preprocessor variable UltraDockManagerSTAThreadWarningWorkaround is defined in products.i.

SCL-3145 Setup.xml not able to find \DataFields\ePossibleAssignments.GroupGuid.smartrepo


The SmartDB upgrade and migration utility had an issue locating the .smartrepo files of the standard repository objects. The issue was only seen when the utility was executed from source code and was caused by an issue in the TTY variant of the FileHelper:GetFiles() method.
The issue is fixed now.

SCL-3146 JSON Generic Service did cause empty WHERE phrase for empty filter when sort was used


We have resolved an issue that has caused an invalid query string generated by the JSDO generic service when the browser issued a request with a SortBy criteria but no selection.
This issue is resolved now.

SCL-3147 GenericDataImporter failed to load SmartGroups with multiple parent groups


When the multiple user group inheritance was enabled, the GenericDataImporter might have failed to load SmartGroup records from XML files.
This issue is resolved now.

SCL-3148 Fixed issue with resolving class names for RESTful resources when r-code is located in a PL file


We have fixed an issue that might have prevented RESTful resources from being registered when the AppServer starts. I should now be fully possible to keep Business Entities providing RESTful resources in a procedure library file. Note, that the .annotations files still must reside outside of the procedure library, as OpenEdge does not support reading JSON files from inside a procedure library.

SCL-3149 SessionInfoWebHandler replaced slash with backslash in PROPATH on Linux


The SessionInfoWebHandle was using the backslash instead of the forward slash when displaying the PROPATH on Linux. While this did not cause any other issue it was confusing.


SCL-3108 Implement DatasetAssert methods for questions


We have implemented new methods in the DatasetAssert class that provide assertions for Questions similar to those that had already been existing for messages.

SCL-3122 ProparseDotNetVariable:Value of new ProparseApi should be of type Object


We have changed the type of the Value property of the IVariable (ProparseDotNetVariable implementation) from CHARACTER to Progress.Lang.Object and implemented the RunHandle type. Depending on the type returned by Proparse the property now returns either a CharacterHolder or a RunHandle instance.

SCL-3132 Improved parsing of calculated field expressions in the SDO Importer Plugin


We have improved the parsing of calculated field expressions in the SDO importer plugin, especially improving error messages and handling of "" caused by string literals in the calculated field expression.

New Feature

SCL-3125 Created a tool to build a list of class members


The class Consultingwerk.Studio.Refactor.ClassMember.ClassMemberParser has been implemented and provides the method ParseClass. This method returns a temp-table with the class members for the given ABL class.

SCL-3134 New API in DatabaseHelper: Tell if selected DB is Enterprise or Workgroup


We have implemented a new method in the DatabaseHelper based on option 2 described in the knowledge base article at

SCL-3138 SmartViewer Migration of ADM2 SmartDataFields


The SmartFrame migration utility now supports migration of custom ADM2 SmartDataFields into .NET custom control instances.

SCL-3139 Added support for generating Image controls from ABL IMAGE Widgets


The legacy GUI frame migration utility now supports generating Image controls from ABL Image widgets.


SCL-3143 Added OpenEdge 12.3 to ProVersion Enum, Business Entity Designer config and CLI tools


We have prepared the ProVersion Enum, the Business Entity Designer config and the various CLI tools for the release of OpenEdge 12.3