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SCL-3129 Fixed an issue with enabling and disabling of toolbar buttons


We have fixed an issue that caused invalid SmartToolbarController buttons to be enabled when they have been disabled using the SetTableIOActionDisabled. The issue might have occurred when multiple TableIO targets had been linked to the SmartToolbarController instance.
The issue is resolved now.

SCL-3130 The FileHelper:GetFileList filter did not filter as expected when DotNetAccessible is not set


We have resolved two functional differences in the FileHelper:GetFileList () method between the variant compiled with the .NET Framework and without (DotNetAccessible setting in products.i).
The differences have been:
- handling of the period character in the file name pattern. This requires special handling in the non .NET (Linux) variant due to the wild-card character of the period in the MATCHES function.
- returning of relative path, the .NET variant has always been returning relative pathnames (relative to the directory) and the non .NET variant was returning absolute pathes
We have changed the non .NET Variant of the file to act exactly like the .NET Variant.


SCL-3119 SessionManager now supports additional events around the GUI for .NET Login


We have added the following new events to the SessionManager which are shown around the invokation of the LoginDialog:
- BeforeShowLoginDialog
- AfterShowLoginDialog
- BeforeLogin (before password validation)
- AfterLogin (after successful password validation)

SCL-3120 Added support for a Processing Date in the Session Context and Login screen


To support applications that require a processing date as part of the session context we have added a ProcessingDate property to the Session Context (SessionManager) and implemented the ability to enter the processing date in the LoginDialog. The processing date needs to be enabled in the LoginDialog using the static property LoginFormShowProcessingDate of the SessionManager class.

SCL-3121 Completed Proparse API IBlockNode implementation


We have completed the implementation of the IBlockNode type in the Consultingwerk.Studio.ProparseApi framework.

SCL-3131 Improved Generic Data Exporter to support exporting records based on the given sort criteria


The Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Tools.Export.GenericDataExporter utility has been enhanced so that it now supports exporting the selected data in the given sort order. The tool now uses the sort phrase (BY) of the pcQueryString parameter to determine the desired order when exporting records.

New Feature

SCL-3008 Implementation of Workflow state engine


We have finished the implementation of the Workflow engine in the SmartFramework. Details on the usage will follow in a separate document.

SCL-3123 LoginDialog now supports storing of the users password in the Windows Registry


Based on the static property LoginFormAllowStorePassword of the SessionManager the LoginForm now supports storing the users password in the Windows repository.
Passwords are encrypted and decrypted using the new Consultingwerk.Framework.IPasswordEncryptionService service. To increase security of passwords in the Windows registry, customers are recommended to implement their own (customized) implementation of the Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.PasswordEncryptionService implementation. At least by changing the String and Byte values used for the permuation.

SCL-3133 Implemented tool for converting Dynamics DynBrow into SmartFramework MetaGrid object masters


The method ConvertToMetaGrid of the Consultingwerk.Studio.Dynamics.Convert.DynBrow.DynBrowConverter class can be used to convert a Progress Dynamics DynBrow object master into a MetaGrid instance in the SmartFramework repository.

SCL-3135 SmartDataBrowser support for launching detail form


We have added a new property DetailForm to the SmartDataBrowser component. By setting this property to the name of a static or repository based form a developer can cause the SmartDataBrowser instance to open the specified form when the user double clicks or hits enter on a record in the browser.
The browsers's SmartDataSource will be passed along to the started form as the external data source for pass through data-linking.